scotw-007: Music for a Cold Morning

Conceived and recorded on the morning of Dec. 27th, 2015.

Of note:

  • The channelGlitch SynthDef passes its input to its output and adds a slight “squared” distortion. It takes the gain as its only parameter and we modulate this with a Pmono to create a glitch effect.

  • We call collect ...

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Tuning and Timbre, Part II

In Part I, we replaced the usual formula for the harmonics of a tone (\(f_n = n \cdot f_0\)) with this one:

$$f_n = f_0 \cdot A^{log_2\ n}$$

where \(f_n\) is the frequency of the n-th partial, \(f_0\) is the fundamental frequency, and \(A\) is the inharmonicity parameter. (Note that when ...

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Tuning and Timbre, Part I

This is the first of two posts that explore the connection between tuning (the location of notes in a scale) and timbre (the particular sonic character of a tone). In this post, we discuss the theoretical aspects of this connection, and in the second post we will build a little ...

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OO Windchime

In this post, we will generalize the square “windchime” from scotw-005 to a regular polygon with an arbitrary number of sides. In so doing, we will learn how to write classes in SuperCollider as well as about an interesting algorithm for deciding whether a given point lies inside a regular ...

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